6 Reasons Why Step On Germs Hand Sanitizer Dispensers are the Best on the Market


  • There’s nothing more counter-intuitive than touching a pump that has been touched by thousands of other hands before you -- does anyone ever clean those?
  • Our hands-free, foot-pedal operated design means you never have to touch a pump with your hand. This is ideal for high-traffic areas, with multiple users. Just step to disinfect. 


  • Our dispensers are built to last! The 100% stainless steel construction is ideal for the toughest of environments, ensuring long-lasting function through wet, dry, hot and cold environments. The durable material is resistant to both physical damage and corrosion.


  • Accommodates a 4 Litre jug, supporting a high volume of clients with each jug
  • Larger volume means less frequent jug replacement -- even when required, the jug can be easily replaced in under 5 seconds!
  • Smaller dispensers and containers can be easily stolen and concealed, requiring close monitoring or risking financial losses. Our 4 litre container is heavier and more difficult to conceal, and our dispenser unit comes in a well-mounted option for increased security. Meanwhile, those opting for the free-standing configuration gain the benefit of unlimited mobility! 
  • Easy to clean in just seconds; only requires a cloth and stainless steel cleaning solution


  • The best value you can find! Price point is 50% less than most comparables
  • 4L sanitizer jugs are more economical than smaller-sized alternatives


  • Visually appealing, minimalist design is ideal for any setting
  • Sleek stainless steel design gives the impression of cleanliness, hygiene and safety; an ideal representation of your business in the current situation


  • Our supplier, Canadian Mill NettClean Supply, has been in the sanitation business for over a century years; you can rest assured that we are committed to providing you with top notch service, so you are never left without your critical health-preserving products
  • Our dispensers are proudly produced entirely in Toronto, Canada, which allows us to personally monitor quality control and ensure that the products delivered to our clients meet the highest standards

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