Our Story

We are a family-run operation, with a passion for both personal hygiene and public health.

With many doctors and nurses in the family, we appreciate the critical importance of proper hand hygiene for limiting the spread of infectious diseases. That’s why, when co-owner Netta Friedman began to have a hard time sourcing personal protective equipment and sanitation products (a regularly stocked product) for her customers during the COVID-19 pandemic, she knew it was cause for concern. In particular, she noticed a disproportionate shortage of hand-sanitizer dispensers -- which could create an unsafe work environment for many essential businesses, and potentially force factories and companies to close down. She was determined to find a solution to ensure these essential businesses had the necessary supplies in order to stay open and stay safe.

After another frustrating day with inadequate supplies, she told her husband Ben, an entrepreneur, serial inventor and craftsman, of her desperate need to find a solution. His response -- “why not make a solution?”. Several long nights, scribbled blueprints and failed prototypes built in their garage later, they created their first functional prototype.

hand sanitizer dispenser prototype

Within less than a month, they had contracted out professional designs, found a reliable manufacturer based in Toronto, and produced the first 100 units -- which sold out within the first week (with multiple on back order)!

Step On Germs was created out of necessity, to solve a global problem that seriously affected people and their businesses during one of the most difficult times in modern history. We are a company founded by people who care, for the people we care about. 

- Netta and Ben Friedman, Co-owners of Step On Germs