How To Make Your Customers and Employees Feel Safe Amidst COVID-19 and Beyond

Society is changing, and businesses need to adapt. Personal hygiene and public health are now at the top of everyone’s priority list and businesses will be expected to match those priorities. This will be on everyone’s radar as precautions are slowly eased, and for the foreseeable future. In order for businesses to ensure that their employees and clients feel safe, they will need to make the right accommodations - or risk sacrificing both productivity and income - and provision of hand sanitizing stations will be the minimum expectation. 

A survey of working-age adults found that up to 80% of people would feel more comfortable returning to regular life amidst the pandemic with an increase in available hand sanitizer dispensers. However, some might be hesitant to use hand-operated dispensers, which might be prone to contamination and could potentially contribute to the spread of infection when misused.

Equipping your workplace and other public areas with the Step On Germs touchless, foot-operated hand sanitizer dispensers is the most affordable method of making your business a safe place for all comers -- this is a small investment that could have significant benefits to any business in the current cultural landscape.

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