What the New Normal Looks Like for Personal Hygiene after COVID-19

A major contributor to the impact of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has been the limitation of essential resources (and some less essential -- seriously though, who can forget the great toilet paper drought of 2020). One of the first resources to become scarce was sanitation products, hand sanitizer in particular. Unless you run a hospital or healthcare facility you would need a lot of luck, and even more money, to secure these items. The sudden increase in demand, coupled with disruption of foreign supply chains, has led to a critical shortage of hand sanitizer and dispenser units since the outset of the pandemic. Meanwhile, the few that remain available have become too expensive for the average individual or small business to afford. This vicious cycle has left millions of people without adequate means of maintaining their hygiene and safety. 

This is simply not sustainable. The world will be increasingly aware of the importance of hand hygiene for the foreseeable future. As businesses continue to re-open their doors, and we move towards a new normal, constant access to hand sanitizer will be the minimum expectation in order to maintain public safety while preserving our economy.

The world is in need of a practical solution for individuals, businesses, and cities alike. Something economical enough for widespread implementation, durable enough for all weather conditions, versatile enough for commercial, industrial, public environments, and with enough volume to last in high-traffic areas - all while absolutely minimizing the potential for infectious disease transmission. The Step on Germs touchless foot-operated hand sanitizer dispensers provides this solution. This is why we exist.

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